And Hell Followed With'Proprioception', medically speaking, is the sense humans have of their inner organs and body parts, like your muscles getting tired from heavy lifting. This phenomenon is translated well into And Hell Followed With's art for their new album, aptly-titled 'Proprioception.' Observing the scene of a fetching nude girl with rams horns, disinterestedly looking off to the side while her innards spill out, one can safely assume her proprioceptive sense isn't working very well.

British artist Godmachine completed some sketches for the Michigan-based band and their label, Earache. "I had feedback off the sketches and was all set," Godmachine told Noisecreep. "After narrowing it down to dealing with one person, I found that he had not seen the sketches, so was back to square one. I was not pissed off with anyone or were they upset -- these are things that just happen and are sometimes to be expected. But all was cool as I had the nod for the album cover."

Godmachine wanted to make sure he created something both appealing to a metal band and a work of art that could stand alone. "The original piece, which is the lady laying down was intended to be the front," he continued. "Just her face and all that red hair. We bashed it out again as to what they really wanted -- this is why you need to be as clear as possible because all this reworking costs time and money. I suggested 'a woman with her guts hanging out,' and they agreed."

"One thing I find quite funny is that the U.S.A. market hates nipples," Godmachine said as a side note. "They detest nipples. I wonder if like the popular and misguided circumcision, women have them removed? Because they are not wanted on any work I do for the States. Something about people being upset by them or something -- really weird either way. So I was asked, as the album was going to the States, to cover all nipples."

"I used my wife as the model for the art work as she has awesome red hair, but sadly she also has nipples."

And Hell Followed With have numerous tour dates filled until the middle of June to promote 'Proprioception.'

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