In six days time, we should know a little more about, a site launched this week that several websites are speculating will go down this fall, and if the rumor is true, the only question remaining is: Who'll be the headliner? Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon ... on the same bill? That's this week's hot rumor.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, chances are this rumor will end up being fact in six days, when the countdown on BlackDiamondSkye reaches zero. Reasons why it could be true? The site name alone is a dead giveaway. Last year, Alice In Chains released their comeback LP 'Black Gives Way To Blue.' The Deftones released 'Diamond Eyes' in May, and Mastodon's last effort, 'Crack the Skye,' dropped in 2009. There's also a YouTube video, which seems to be promoting the site itself. The clip is a mash-up of imagery and audio, but at times, you can distinctly hear the music of all three bands.

Further investigation, it's been revealed that Velvet Hammer Management -- the management firm representing both Alice in Chains and Deftones -- purchased the domain name, which lends more credence to the rumor.

Of course, in six days from now, we'll now for sure what's going on. Until then, let's all keep our fingers crossed.

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