Alice in Chains' 'Stone' is featured in the 2014 edition of Ubisoft's 'Rocksmith,' a guitar game which allows players to plug a guitar or bass into a variety of consoles and actually learn to play. It's a step up from 'Guitar Hero' since it utilizes real instruments. Alice in Chains' guitar god Jerry Cantrell answered a host of questions for IGN at an event, talking about his personal playing preferences, the status of his most cherished axes and about the functionality of the game.

So what's his favorite song to perform live? He was non-committal, but did name a few tunes that get the adrenaline coursing through his, the band's and fan's veins.

"I like playing pretty much all of our stuff," he said diplomatically. "The newer stuff is always fun to play because it's great to see people's reaction to what you created." He also loves the classics like 'Rooster' and 'Man in Box' since those songs mean so much to people. 'Them Bones' also gets the blood flowing.

He also shared which guitars he cherishes, and his two original G & L Rampages have that distinction. He bought the axes in 1985 in Dallas and has played them on every album. He had to retire them since there were so many miles on 'em and given their deep, rich history, he doesn't want them to go missing. Therefore, they are stashed away in the vault. They are now relegated to studio use only, which is a badge of honor, not a banishment.

He noted that there are cracks in those instruments, "since rock 'n' roll an active business," so he wants to avoid further damage via rigorous play -- spoken like a man who treats his guitars as though they were his sons.

Cantrell offered some insight into 'Rocksmith 2014.' He shared that learned to play by ear and emulating his heroes until he found his own sound, as opposed to adopting formal training. He joked that 'Rocksmith 2014' could help him!

The guitarist supports the game since it exposes kids to music on a wide and diverse scale. He adds that it's real play and much better than pushing buttons on a console.

Watch Jerry Cantrell Talk 'Rocksmith 2014'

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