Alice in Chains are having a little fun using social media to their advantage. The band has revealed the title for its new studio album, due this spring, via a post on its web properties and holdings. It's an anagram of some sorts and here it is: "H V L E N T P S U S D A H I E E O E D T I U R R." We're not sure what that stands for, but you can decode it to find out. Good luck and godspeed. [Alice in Chains]

HIM have signed to Razor & Tie. They will release Tears on Tape on April 30. Vocalist Ville Valo said, "We're infernally glad to be dressed sharply enough for our dearest comrades in the U.S.(for once), R&T A-Go-Go!!!"[Via Press Release]

Black metal theatricalists Cradle of Filth have been forced to cancel their U.S. tour due to issues with getting into the country. The band posted the following statement: "Cradle Of Filth are really sorry to tell all of their fans that their U.S. tour 28 Days Closer to Hell is going to have to be cancelled, due to U.S. immigration issues beyond the band's control. They have been desperately trying to solve these problems, but it has become evident they are not going to be resolved in time for the band to embark on a tour that starts next week. The band sincerely apologize to all their fans and to the other acts on the tour and want to assure people they have made every effort possible to go ahead with the tour." [Cradle of Filth Official Site]

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum will participate in the Project Green benefit, presented by Got Wheat Grass, set for Feb. 22 at the Project Green Music Room in Los Angeles. [Via Press Release]

Finntroll have debuted the news song "Blodsvept." Listen to this glorious madgrigal here. It is the title track of the band's sixth album, out on April 2. The band had this to say about the song:

"'Blodsvept' is the track that sets the tone for this new abomination of an album. This song is perfect for driving - driving for your life, that is, while being chased by a gang of trolls, in a catapult, on a motorway! Pull out your sun-spectacles from your glove compartment and honk if you love blood and guts!!!" Chased by a gang of trolls? Sounds like fun and a horror movie. [Via Decibel]

Canadian metal warriors 3 Inches of Blood are the subject of their own documentary, Warriors of the Great White North, which documents the dudes on a cross Canada tour. It's a keyhole view of life on the road for a band that does it cheap and dirty in order to survive! They may have graduated from Motel 6 to Super 8, but they are still touring efficiently. Watch the doc trailer below. It certainly made us want to see the full film.

Watch Documentary Trailer

This or the Apocalypse have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help them remain on the road supporting Dead Years. Go here to donate, after you've read the band's statement about why it has elected to go the fan-funded route. TotA are trying to have a little fun with what is usually a stressful process and plan to blow up their old, no-longer-functional van in a music video. Cool, huh?

"On our way home from our 30th US tour at about AM, our van lit on fire and we broke down at a rest stop an hour away from home. After waiting 8 hours we found someone to pick up and our trailer up and take us home while our van was towed to a garage.

"After inspecting the van we were notified that it was far beyond repairable. For any of you who have never followed us in the past, last winter we broke down in Canada and spent over $3K rebuilding our fuel pump, which took over a week. We spent that week hopping from trains, vans, taxis and fans cars from show to show so that we didn't have to cancel any dates on the tour.

Unfortunately, at this time with buying flights to Europe and dealing with other debts and personal expenses, we simply cannot afford to buy a new van. So we are asking our fans to help with donations that all will go towards getting us a new van to get back on tour and promote our new album 'Dead Years' even more.

We put together a great list of incentives to say thank you for your help. We will also be filming a web documentary about the band and the life of being a touring musician as well as a music video for the song "Americans" where we will be BLOWING UP our old van."

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