If the making of the 'Invincible' video proved anything to fledgling rockers Adelitas Way, it's that they're on their way.

"It was a 20-hour shoot," lead singer Rick DeJesus told Noisecreep. "It was exhausting, but it was a great experience. For us, it was our first music video. I couldn't believe all the people were there for us. It was one of those moments like, 'We're making it. We're doing it.'"

The epic video, directed by Dale 'Rage' Resteghini, shows the band in full performance mode, coupled with everyday folks who are faced with life-challenging circumstances.

"[Resteghini] let us give input into the video," DeJesus said. "He asked us what we wanted to do. I wanted a lot of performance-based footage. I wanted our performance to come off well. I wanted us to come off like a real rock band. I didn't want to come across too polished. I didn't want any fast cars or the big-breasted girls hanging out. I didn't want to go that route, because it seemed so stereotypical for a song like 'Invincible' to have a fast car and have something like that. I wanted to make sure it was very performance-based. It got to the point to what the song is really about. The song is about busting through hard times and really breaking the wall down."


Needless to say, the video meant a lot more for DeJesus than just being able to put moving pictures to the song. "I think in the video can be portrayed so many different ways. My thing was, people go through a lot of hard times in their life -- whether someone loses their job, the economy's bad, someone is underage and getting pregnant. People feel like it's over for them. I don't think that people should feel like that. You should thrive off that, bust through the wall. People say the economy's down. The U.S.A. is kind of going downhill. 'Invincible' for me, is a song [where] I disagree. I think we can break through this. We can bust through this -- we can rise above everything else."

DeJesus added that 'Invincible,' which doubles as the theme song to 'WWE Superstars' Thursday nights on WGN, is about to break Top 20 in Rock Radio. He's hoping the video will support that as well as the self-titled album on which the single appears. "We're really hoping to take it to the next level," DeJesus explained. "We feel very lucky to have the opportunity. The label really supports us. The single's doing really well. We hope the video can pick up more steam. We're really hoping to take it to the next level. We're hoping the video can push it into that next level."

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