Photo Courtesy Total Assault
Photo Courtesy Total Assault

This coming weekend melodic rockers Adelitas Way will be heading out on the Carnival of Madness tour. The trek also features Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Emphatic. Adelitas Way will be out supporting 'Home School Valedictorian,' their irresistibly catchy new album. To celebrate the record and tour, vocalist Rick DeJesus gave Noisecreep a list of the five albums that changed his life.

'The Black Album'
Metallica (1991)
"This album made Metallica legends. It was a magical album from the songs to the performances to the sound of the record. This record made me fall in love with music even more than I already loved it. I feel like this record changed my life. It's all we listen to on our long drives on tour."

Signature Track: 'Sad but True'

'Appetite for Destruction'
Guns N' Roses (1987)
"I remember being a kid and listening to this album. It's another example of a record that made a band iconic, this was the record for Guns N' Roses, the guitar tones on this record will never be duplicated, and Slash and Axel's performances will never be recreated by anyone or anything every again. The band was in the zone when they made this record. It's a classic."

Signature Track: 'It's So Easy'

'Sounds of Madness'
Shinedown (2008)
"I'm not going to put all classic albums on here just cause they are classic. deserves to be on this list. This is the best rock record in the last ten years. People get stuck in 1989 and never give new bands props. I'm giving Shinedown what they deserve because from front to back this record is amazing."

Signature Track: 'Second Chance'

'Scars and Souvenirs'
Theory of a Deadman (2008)
"Just like the Shinedown album, here's a newer entry. 'Scars and Souvenirs' is packed to the roof with one catchy rocker after the other. Tyler's songwriting is so clever and infectious."

Signature Track: 'Bad Girlfriend'

Soundgarden (1991)
"Here's another record I grew up on. Chris Cornell is one of the greatest male rock vocalists to ever walk the earth. I've always thought he was the coolest man alive and this album brings me back to the time when I was 16-years-old and driving to high school. There's some great memories attached to this record."

Signature Track: 'Rusty Cage'

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