Adelitas Way crank out the kind of meat and potatoes melodic rock that never goes out of fashion. The Las Vegas combo's self-titled 2009 album made quite an impression on American radio programmers thanks to its never-ending barrage of hooks and anthemic choruses.

'Home School Valedictorian,' Adelitas Way's sophomore album, just hit stores and its first single, 'Sick,' is already all over the radio. "We wanted people to put the new album on and say, 'Holy s---!' I think we achieved that," said Adelitas Way vocalist Rick DeJesus during a recent interview with Noisecreep. "Our first album was a great starting point and beginning for us. But I'll say it right now -- I think 'Home School Valedictorian' blows our previous album away."

Noisecreep now takes you behind the scenes of the 'Sick' video shoot.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for Adelitas Way's 'Sick'

"I think shutting down a tunnel in Los Angeles, getting set on fire, and having our alcohol banned by a ranger sounds like a successful video shoot to me," says DeJesus. "We just wanted to capture the band having a great time for the 'Sick' video and we definitely achieved that."

'Home School Valedictorian' is in stores now via Virgin Records.

Watch the full video for 'Sick' by Adelitas Way

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