As a child, Adelitas Way lead singer Rick DeJesus was such a big wrestling fan, he would practice finishing moves on his younger brother. So now, the Philadelphia native finds it ironic that his band is providing the theme song, "Invincible," to "WWE Superstars" Thursday nights on WGN.

"For me, it's unreal because growing up I watched wrestling so much," DeJesus said. "I used to go and imitate the wrestlers. I used to walk in my little brother's room and put a Stone Cold Stunner on him--now we're the theme song that opens the show. For me, it's unreal."

DeJesus admitted that he and his guitar player, Chris Iorio, still watch WWE television shows.

"We travel a lot," DeJesus said. "So if we get to the hotels early, we'll pop on 'Monday Night Raw.' Chris, our guitar player, he doesn't miss an event at all. I have to find out where the pay-per-views are at. He's like, 'I gotta find someplace to watch pay-per-views. We have to do some journeys.' Like 'Wrestlemania,' he was dying to watch 'Wrestlemania.' We were in the middle of nowhere--we might have been in San Antonio--and we're looking at all these places, trying to figure out who had pay-per-view. It's fun. It makes you feel young again."

But exposure for "Invincible," which is the featured track on the band's self-titled debut due out on July 14, doesn't stop at wrestling. CBS-TV used it as the soundtrack to commercials for "CSI: Miami" leading up to the season finale.

"One of my favorite shows is 'CSI: Miami,'" DeJesus said. "We had the theme song for the commercials going all the way up to the finale. That is another kind of unreal thing. I've never missed an episode. I've seen every 'CSI: Miami.' It's crazy. We feel very lucky."

DeJesus, who appeared on the VH1 show "Strip Search," said he knew "Invincible" was a hit when he felt it coming together.

"When we started this song, we knew we were going for anthemic, invincible, let's go out there and kick some ass, you know," DeJesus said. "That was the theme. We sat down and wrote it. I had a lot of the melodies. I had a lot of the words and 'invincible' was the word that kept coming out. It was the words 'I'm feeling invincible,' I kept going there. It worked out and we're very happy with it."

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