Belgium death legion Aborted have been incredibly prolific in recent years, alternating studio albums with EP releases, never letting fans go too long without a new slab of splatter-born death metal hymns. The Bathos EP will be the first new material from the group since releasing Retrogore in April of last year and the title track can be heard above.

Expertly crafted, "Bathos" is a four-minute clinic, running through Morbid Angel-inspired riffs as heard in the opening moments, countered by flashy tech flourishes and moody lead playing. Never settling into one aspect for too long, drummer Ken Bedene is the highlight here, anchoring Aborted with imaginative cymbal work, switching up tempos and accenting spidery leads with bursts of artillery fire blasts.

More ethereal guitar work unifies each section of "Bathos," conjuring a haunting atmosphere not unlike some of the more chilling moments found in the Bloodbath catalog. Aborted's sound has taken a number of turns since their deathgrind origins found on early highlights like Engineering the Dead and Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done

Bathos will be released on July 7 through Century Media and pre-orders are available now at this location where fans can explore a host of digital and physical options. Check out the artwork and track listing directly below.

Aborted, Bathos EP Artwork

Century Media
Century Media

Aborted, Bathos EP Track Listing

01. "Bathos"
02. "Fallacious Crescendo"

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