order of apollyon

Wearing shirts by Hellhammer and other essential extreme metal bands, and featuring deviant black metal producer BST on vocals (ex-Aborted, Aosoth) along with former members of Aborted (drummer Daniel Wilding), Cradle of Filth (guitarist James McIlroy) and Akercocke (bassist Peter Benjamin), the guys in Order of Apollyon sure seem like children of the black. Even when they describe the band on their MySpace as "a musical covenant," adding, "the message is profoundly religious and adheres to strict paramilitary imagery while the music draws from elements of the ambient martial scene," you can imagine an aesthetic similar to that of Swedish black metal pioneers Marduk.

However, investigate further into the manifesto of the cryptic U.K.-based band, and it becomes unclear whether these guys were sent to steal souls or save them.

"The cult of Apollyon is set on disseminating the message of our God, the Supreme Being," the band said. "It will drive the masses to accept the indubitable domination of the Holy Spirit and to repent their sins before the impending Judgment. The disloyal scum shall writhe in eternal suffering, while a chosen elite shall bathe in glory and rapture. Unconditional devotion is the key."

After listening to the two songs they've posted on their MySpace, 'Word' and 'Never,' we're as unclear as ever about their mission, but the songs do rip.

The band will unleash its full wrath with the release of its first album later on April 26 in Europe and later this Spring in North America. The record features guest appearances by members of Keep of Kalessin and Ataeus.

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