Josh Graham, vocalist/guitarist of New York City doomsters A Storm of Light told Noisecreep about his favorite Halloween costumes, candy and capers. He likes to dress up as dead music icons for Halloween. "My favorite was a dead Ian Curtis, with noose included," Graham said about the late Joy Division singer. "Yeah, it's kinda messed up but funny nonetheless. Mike Gallagher from Isis went as Gallagher, I think, that year and that ruled. He pulled the whole costume together in about an hour."

His preferred Halloween treat is a caramel-coated apple, despite the parent enforced, 'no-no' nature of such unwrapped items! "I was never allowed to eat them as a kid, for too much fear of hidden razor blades!"

Graham's most 'metal' Halloween costume -- he was Death, complete with the cloak and the scythe -- also resulted in a little cop caper drama! "I was driving a green, beat up, '71 Cutlass and got pulled over into a mortuary," Graham recalled. "I had '666' in my license number then and the cop was noticeably freaked out by the whole thing."

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