With song titles like 'Blazing Fires of Evermore' and 'Wykydtron,' it is easy (and erroneous) to assume that 3 Inches of Blood are a jokey metal band. But nothing could be further from the truth. The band is very serious, especially on the new album, 'Here Waits Thy Doom.'

"We're not the types that take ourselves personally serious, but we take the music seriously," guitarist Shane Clark told Noisecreep. "We're into what we are doing, music-wise. This album, since [vocalist] Cam [Pipes] handled all the lyrics, is not one-dimensional, which was the vibe with the previous records, but not in a bad way. It was one-dimensional, as in, there were running themes in the lyrics."

Now, the lyrics are a little more figurative, according to Clark, who said, "There are themes of battle and about individuals conquering obstacles, and that is more indirect storytelling, whereas before, with [former second vocalist] Hoops, it was more about zombies riding zombified goats on a mission to kill Christians. It was straight up, with no other possible meaning." Sure, those lyrical declarations were entertaining, if a little one-sided.

Now, the band has fleshed out its storytelling approach with 'Here Waits Thy Doom,' their latest album, which is also their first volley for new label, Century Media. "Now, if we talk about someone at the foot of the great glacier, it's about an individual climbing it and overcoming struggles. But it could indirectly apply to life and a challenge," Clark says, illuminating the lyrical bend.