This one made our heads turn faster than Regan's in 'The Exorcist.' Canadian metal lords 3 Inches of Blood have issued a split 7" with Bob Wayne, an outlaw country singer. 3IOB's contribution is a live version of 'Call of the Hammer,' which features a cameo from Goatwhore/Soilent Green singer Ben Falgoust. Wayne's song is entitled 'Everything's Legal in Alabama.'

We know, it's an odd pairing, but it certainly arouses plenty of interest. It's also special since it's 3IOB's first split 7" and live release.

"When asked if we wanted to do a split 7" with Bob Wayne, it was a pretty easy decision," explained 3IOB vocalist Cam Pipes. "We've never done a split 7" before and Bob's already a friend of ours, a good ol' Pacific Northwestern boy. We've also never released a live track before. We had recorded some shows in Vancouver last year, so we picked 'Call of the Hammer' since Ben Falgoust from Goatwhore does guest vocals on it. All around this is a special release for us."

Wayne weighed in on partnering with 3IOB and sharing the same space with them, saying, "I've always had fun hanging with those guys [3 Inches Of Blood]. We've played a few shows together and I always go and see them live if they're within 100 miles of me! I'm a big fan so this is a huge honor."

Watch Bob Wayne's 'Driven by Demons' Video

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