Canadian headbangers 3 Inches of Blood hung it up in late 2015 following a successful career with five studio albums to their name. Three of the band's former members have now resurfaced under the moniker Worse and are currently streaming a three-track demo that can be heard at the bottom of the page.

Those seeking more triumphant nods to heavy metal's old school should look elsewhere as the power trio have made a drastic shift in style, playing a riff-driven brand that extends its range into hardcore and sludge. Worse is comprised of Justin Hagberg (bass, vocals), Shane Clark (guitar) and Matt Wood (drums).

The demo consists of "Beds are Burning the Midnight Oil," "Curtain Bummings" and "A Never-Ending Avalanche...," all fully-stocked with massive, rumbling distortion and riffs that would make High on Fire's Matt Pike grin with delight. Rapid tempo changes and well-timed breakdowns and two-step moments dominate these three songs, which already show promise as the band continues to shape their sound, promising its "the beginning of horrors to come."

Both Hagberg and Clark were members of 3 Inches of Blood from 2004 through their 2015 demise while Wood was a member between 2004 and 2005, performing on the band's Advance and Vanquish breakout album. Wood never recorded with his current Worse bandmates as they joined after the release of Advance. Both Clark and Wood are members of Canadian sludgesters Bison B.C., though Clark has yet to record with the group.

Worse Demo

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