We've heard about a horse with no name and the man with no name, but what happens when a singer wants that name back? Andrew Stockdale, who abandoned the moniker Wolfmother to release his debut solo album 'Keep Moving,' is returning to his roots. According to Alternative Nation, Wolfmother are currently in Los Angeles' Village Recorder studios working on songs for their third album!

Another piece of great news is that Wolfmother have chosen Ed Cherney, a music vet who's engineered and mixed with Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones, to work on their album. No word on if these collection of songs are slated for an EP or a full release.

The band's sophomore album, 'Cosmic Egg,' came out in 2009. 'Keep Moving' was slated to be Wolfmother's long awaited third album, but Stockdale decided to turn it into a solo project after claiming his music had moved into a different creative direction.

Since the Australian rock outfit's music stems from the Led Zeppelin and the Doors inspired vision of Stockdale, democracy doesn't usually exist when one person is leading the charge. Such a dynamic has led to a reshuffling of band members and the sporadic release of Wolfmother material. Drummer Hamish Rossser quit the group, and keyboardist/drummer Elliott Hammond left Wolfmother several weeks ago.

Joining Stockdale for the latest incarnation of Wolfmother are Ian Peres, who's been a member since 2009, and guitarist Vin Steele, who joined the group last year. Stockdale reclaimed the Wolfmother title last month, it's understandable to question if that moniker will stick with the release of the new songs.

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