"Put your f---ing shirt on," a person from the crowd screamed at shirtless members of Wizardry during their set. On Dec. 4, while the rest of New York City got wasted on $20 mojitos, people who sought some metal action got $3 drafts, barely dressed dancing girls and a whole lot of loud at The Production Lounge when Empyreon, Flaming Tusk and Wizardry unleashed their own form of musical mayhem.

When stoner rockers Wizardry took the stage, several things were missing from their usual setup: forest-like props, a fake fire and a fourth member. Instead, their madman drummer worked double time providing some powerful throat support as he beat his kit up. And I must say, he was impressive on both. So impressive that I was a little saddened when I found out that the band's status as a trio is only a temporary one.

"As for now, we're a three-piece, though we're searching for a new singer. We'll definitely be playing shows and powering on as such until we find that special someone," guitarist Matt told Noisecreep via e-mail.

Bassist Frank never stops playing, so when his bandmates thanked the other bands there was still background music. Prior to each song, the bassline was ready to go before the rest of the band.

Brooklyn's Wizardry make some super muscular highway metal. Be sure to check out their self-titled effort, which is currently available.

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