Winds of Plague are gearing up to canvas North America in late fall by headlining the December Decimation Tour, which runs for a month and will culminate with the third annual December Decimation Fest on Dec. 23 in their native California. Coming off a sweltering summer spent on the Mayhem Fest, Winds of Plague are looking forward to a cozier, reduced price club tour. The Burial, Carnifex, War of Ages and Beyond a Burning Body will serve as support.

"The last tour we did was Mayhem, which is an all-day festival with a slightly higher ticket price. We wanted to do a follow-up tour to Mayhem which gives both new and old fans a chance to come out to a show that is more intimate -- [with] a lower ticket price and a much longer set," vocalist Johnny Plague told Noisecreep, revealing the impetus for the upcoming Winds of Plague tour dates. "We hand-picked every band on the tour. We wanted to create a heavy tour that is still diverse enough to keep every band's set fresh and entertaining."

But before Winds of Plague embark on their course of decimation, they remain tucked away in Los Angeles with producer Matt Hyde, whose résumé boasts the likes of Slayer and Hatebreed. Their next album is scheduled for an early 2011 release via Century Media.

Johnny assured fans that the band hasn't strayed from their roots, and they're "infecting them with rage and fury" instead. He also told Noisecreep that "this new album is a happy medium between the two previous records. It has the epic and technical aspects from 'The Great Stone War,' and it has the energy of 'Decimate the Weak.' We have teamed up with producer Matt Hyde, and so far the recording process has been amazing. Everything is falling into place quite nicely."

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