Here's another reason to check out Winds of Plague's forthcoming album, 'Against the World.' The Ultimate Warrior, who enjoyed superstardom in the 1980s as part of the WWF, lends his bad-ass voice to the song 'The Warrior Code,' a spoken word track. Winds of Plague were able to nab the Warrior through a professional association that the band and wrestler just happen to share.

"When we were planning for this album, we decided to pull all stops and go big," vocalist Johnny Plague told Noisecreep. "Other then the music itself, we were thinking on how to put this album over the top and keep people talking. I was driving home from the studio one day and it clicked in my head that we share management with The Ultimate Warrior. I knew it was a long shot, but I put the call in and within a few hours, The Warrior had agreed."

It was indeed that easy. "This news was mind blowing," Johnny continued. "I grew up a huge Warrior fan and I thought out of all the iconic characters in wrestling, The Ultimate Warrior was perfect because of his famous speeches. And his entire over-the-top, powerful persona is a perfect fit for Winds of Plague."

The Warrior penned his own words for the song without any prompting from the band. "I wasn't entirely sure how to approach this project ,so we recorded a track and sent it over to him," Johnny said. "Without any guidance, Warrior wrote his own lyrics, recorded them, and sent us back the track, which came out just as I had hoped. The speech is beautifully written and inspiring, and the delivery is powerful."

'Against the World' is due out April 19th and also features guest vocals from Jamey Jasta and members of Terror, Stray From the Path, and For Today.

Watch the video for 'The Impaler'

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