Sacramento post-hardcore act Will Haven are in the midst of recording their second studio set since reuniting back in 2005, and now they've got a member of Slipknot helping them out in the studio. According to reports, the 'Knot's Chris Fehn will be playing bass on Will Haven's upcoming album and whatever touring the band does in support of the new disc.

Fehn replaced bassist Mike Martin, who, according to a statement, "has had to step away from the band to take care of his family which some of you have known. He has not been able to tour with us the past few tours, so we have been just moving on without a bass player in the past few months working on this new record. Well, [we are] happy to say we have found our new bass player and we are more than excited about it: Our longtime brother and close friend Chris Fehn has joined the family. He is here with us tonight recording for the new demo and already has had tons of input making this record even more amazing. So we are more than stoked to have him with us."

Of course, Fehn's availability will be limited, given his demands in Slipknot. Right now, Slipknot are taking some time off to devote to side projects, "but when they are ready to work on the new record, Chris will be right back to work with them. Until then, we will be recording the new record and playing shows in the U.S. and Europe."

Will Haven is working on the yet-to-be-titled follow-up to 2007's 'The Hierophant.' Last fall, vocalist Grady Avenell rejoined the band after they performed several benefit shows for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who remains in a semi-comatose state since his involvement in a car crash two years ago.

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