Last week, we brought you video of God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle, taking a full cup of liquid to the face during a gig in Dallas, Texas; Coyle was filling in for Lamb of God's Mark Morton, and the incident forced the band to cut its set short. We think it's rather lame for anyone to throw anything at a musician performing on stage. But apparently, that cup-tossing episode was a lot worse than it initially looked. Coyle says, in a statement released to Metal Sucks, that the liquid wasn't water, but beer ..."a big ol' tall boy plastic cup of beer, and whoever threw it must have been a quarterback, because it was full and hit me square in the eye at full steam. It felt like I got sucker-punched. I had a mark by my cheek bone and it was swollen all night. I'm surprised I didn't have a black eye." We're just surprised at the lack of snitching on the part of anyone who was standing next to the dude who tossed the full beer (what a waste!) at Coyle. Seems if there's an appropriate time to throw someone under the bus, it would have been then.

+ Aerosmith's Joe Perry is none too thrilled with frontman Steven Tyler. Seems like Joe just slams the singer in every press interview he does these days. And yesterday's interview with Billboard is no different. "The thing that bothers me the most is how it affects the fans," Perry says of the status of the band; Aerosmith cut short its summer tour after Tyler broke some bones falling off stage. "The only reason you're there is because of the fans. You owe them a lot, and when you start taking them for granted, it's just wrong. I think that a lot of what happened with Aerosmith over the last two or three years has been a case of that. And I'm not talking about everybody in the band. I think at this point the four band members are willing to not play for a while until the fifth member gets together and decides to come and join us again."

+ Arch Enemy will team up with Exodus, Arsis and Mutiny Within for the North American Tyrants of Evil Tour in 2010. The tour kicks off Jan. 20 in Towson, Md., and runs through Feb. 9 in West Hollywood, Calif.

+ How long should one wait after the death of their wife to move on? According to Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, the correct answer is seven months. Sweet's wife Kyle Rae Sweet died back in March after fighting a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. Now, Sweet has revealed he's engaged to be married to some broad named Lisa. "I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I had to make a decision to live my life and move forward in it," Sweet says in a statement. "I could have very easily drawn the shades and hidden from the world. Instead, God brought someone so perfect for me at the perfect time. I know Kyle would want me to be happy just as I would have wanted her to be, if it had been me who was called home. I hope and pray that all of you reading this can understand."

+ Is A Perfect Circle reuniting? Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has been making such suggestions in recent interviews, and the rumor is the band will regroup next year to work on new material. What have you heard? + Wanna see S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano performing 'United Forces' live with Lamb of God? If you said "yes," go here. If you said "no," go here.

+ Alesana, From First To Last, Asking Alexandria, the Word Alive and Memphis May Fire will be joining forces for a three-week run. The tour commences Nov. 27 in Douglasville, Ga., and runs through Dec. 19 in Spartanburg, S.C.

+ Will Haven have welcomed original frontman Grady Avenell back into the fold. However, the band will also still be employing its previous replacement, Jeff Jaworski. Will Haven is now recording, with Avenell doing vocals and Jaworski helping with the writing process.

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