The best thing about bands from Canada? When they tell us 'a-boot' their new album. I don't know why, but it's hilarious whenever Canadians talk 'a-boot' stuff. It's like a fart ... just universally funny. Last week, for the taping of our ''Creep Show' podcast, we had the lads from Anvil in and every time they said 'a-boot,' I nearly lost it. If you haven't seen last week's program, make sure you check it out. This Friday, we'll be taping yet another episode. Wanna know who this week's special guest will be? We're sure you would, but we can't reveal that information just yet. For now, we'd rather bring you all the news that's gone down in the metal world since last time we met. We've got tour dates, smack talk, awesome solo album news ... it's White Noise, keeping you in the know.

+ By now, you've heard the rumors that Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax are considering going out on tour together. Now, Metallica's Robert Trujillo seems to be confirming it ... the rumor, we mean. "I think it's great," he says. "We've had a few different conversations on the subject. I think it'd be great for metal. I don't think all four bands have played together at the same time." Is there truth to the rumor? "There is, but nothing's concrete," says Trujillo. "It's not a sealed deal. We're working on it."

+ Trivium don't want to play Ozzfest, if it ever comes back. In a recent interview, bassist Paolo Gregoletto said that if Ozzfest does return, he's not sure "how it's going to compete with [the RockStar Mayhem] festival. I think this festival is going to kill it. We had to formally apologize or something ... it's like f--- you! How about this? How about I formally say f--- you to Ozzfest? Formal! We don't want to play your s---y festival!"

+ Type O Negative haven't released a note of new material since last year. So, they're doing what any band would ... they're going on tour. The trek kicks off in Sayreville, N.J. Oct. 16 and runs through Halloween in Detroit.

+ White Wizzard are working on an as-yet-untitled LP which will contain 10 tracks bassist Jon Leon promises "will rip your head off." The disc should be in stores early next year, with extensive touring to follow.

+ This is going to be awesome. Opeth mastermind Mikael Åkerfeldt may record an acoustic solo album, he says. "My views [regarding songwriting] have broadened a little bit," he says. "I guess when I discovered Nick Drake, that's when I really got into that whole simplistic type of music that really needs something strong ... strong material in order to make it come across with so little. I've always been wanting to do a thing like that. I've got a bunch of lovely acoustic guitars back I wanna use more. Even though Opeth could probably do an album like that, I wanna do it on my own, and in that sense, I wanna record it on my own ... in my house, basically. I think I can do it well. I think I can do a good album like that."

+ Nile have issued more details regarding their upcoming LP, 'Those Whom the Gods Detest.' The effort will contain 10 songs, including 'Utterances of the Crawling Dead,' 'Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld' and 'The Eye of Ra.'

+ Absu has another new guitarist. Lead guitarist Vis Crom has joined the group, replacing Zawicizuz, who was recently dismissed due to irreconcilable differences. Said drummer/vocalist Proscriptor in a statement: "We are extremely thrilled to welcome Vis Crom as the newest touring musician of Absu. He has proven to be a conquering performer and we're delighted to convey our next live chapters of mythological occult metal with him."

+ Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has teamed up with soundtrack architect Jeff Fayman and King Crimson's Robert Fripp for a cover of Crimson's song '21st Century Schizoid Man.' The song is available for purchase through most digital outlets, and will appear on an upcoming compilation from the Human Experimente called 'Dreaming in Exile.'

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