Weedeater frontman Dixie Dave Collins may have blown off his toe while cleaning his shotgun, but that extremity-removing incident hasn't stopped the band from hitting the road on the Nine Toes Tour, which celebrates Collins' lost toe. It reminds us of 'A Christmas Story,' when Ralphie is repeatedly told, 'You'll shoot your eye out,' when he asks for a BB gun.

We had a few questions for Collins about how he is navigating his injury and life with nine toes, which he graciously answered for Noisecreep.

Do you walk OK?

Not yet, but soon hopefully.

Do you have a prosthetic?

Yes, but Keko made it by hand, and I'm scared to use it.

Do you miss the lost toe?

That's not even the half of it!

Will you show the foot to fans?

If they really wanna see it, I'll show them. We're going to set up a freak-and-peak booth.

Weedeater tour dates

3/29 -- Funhouse -- Seattle, WA

3/31 -- Club Vegas -- Salt Lake City, UT

4/1 -- Larimer Lounge -- Denver, CO

4/2 -- The Record Bar -- Kansas City, MO

4/3 -- Triple Rock -- Minneapolis, MN

4/4 -- Reggie's -- Chicago, IL

4/5 -- Mac's -- Lansing, MI

4/6 -- The Southgate House -- Newport, KY

4/7 -- The Grog Shop -- Cleveland, OH

4/8 -- Wreck Room -- Toronto, ON

4/9 -- Bug Jar -- Rochester, NY

4/10 -- Webster Hall (Studio) -- New York, NY

4/11 -- Khyber -- Philadelphia, PA

4/12 -- DC9 -- Washington, DC

4/13 -- Krug's -- Frederick, MD

4/14 -- The Triple -- Richmond, VA

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