Most of the metal community hasn't heard of Gollum -- yet -- but Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been a big fan of the North Carolina tech/sludge metal band for several years. He's also friends with the guys and has contributed guest vocals to both of their albums. Last year he guested on 'Diggin'' from the album 'Core,' and in 2004, he sang on the song 'Cross-Pollenation,' but his history with Gollum goes back even further.

"I was visiting my mom in Wilmington, N.C. and my friend said, 'Oh, you need to check out this band Gollum,' Blythe told Noisecreep. 'So we went over to Gollum's house and they played a couple songs for me and I thought, 'That is f---in' awesome, man.' And we ended hanging it with them and having a great time. And then it was time for us to go back to Richmond, and we didn't have enough money for the ticket so we were going to hitchhike. And [their now deceased drummer] Hunter [Holland], who we had only just met, he was such a generous dude. He said, 'No way, I'll drive you.' So he took the day off work and me and my wife got in his truck, and then halfway up to Richmond, the truck died. So me and my wife hitchhiked the rest of the way home. But I just became friends with them ever since them."

Gollum guitarist Frank Stroehmer has fond memories of those days. "That way back before anyone knew who Lamb of God was," he said. "They had just changed their name from Burn the Priest. I met them through Dixie Dave of Weedeater (who also guests on 'Core') because Weedeater are from our hometown. And Dixie brought him over to our house one night and we partied and became friends. I've kept in contact with him ever since.'

Any time Blythe passed through Wilmington, N.C. to visit his mom, he'd call up Holland and Stroehmer and they'd hang out, have some beers and catch up.

"When it came time to record 'Lesser Traveled Waters,' we asked him if he'd be interested in recording some guest vocals, and he was all about it,' Stroehmer said. 'And the same thing happened for 'Core.' He was more than willing to be part of the project, and we were happy to have him."

Blythe also appears on the video for 'Cross-Pollenation.'

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