Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci knows a thing or two (or three) about touring. His New York City hardcore band once caravanned, following each other to local shows, and hit the Ozzfest circuit in an RV. Sworn Enemy are certified road dogs, and they will no doubt be putting hundreds of thousands of miles on their latest tour vehicle in support of 'Total World Domination,' which was released June 16 via Century Media. Antonucci shared some crucial touring tips with Noisecreep that will serve metal upstarts well. Pay attention, rookies. If you want to make your living in a touring band, take notes, because Lorenzo knows best.

Baby wipes are a must-have. "To clean your a-- and balls, because who the f--- knows when's the next shower. Also, bring your ball trimmers, so you can have nice clean balls so they don't stink as bad, especially during the summer time."

Pack lightly and borrow from your tourmates. "Do not over-pack your bag before tour with 16 different shirts, because you can just grab more shirts from other bands on tour with you. You can never bring too many pairs of underwear and socks, though, so overload on those."

Budget yourself a cheap 'per diem,' which is touring parlance for your monetary allowance 'per day' on the road: "Try your best to live on five dollars a day worth of food, so you can go home and pay your phone bills."

If you're a germophobe, you are screwed. "Get ready to sleep on people's gross a-- floors with cat piss, dog s---, etc."

Prepare for band bickering. "Get ready to hate your band while on the road and for your band members to snore in your face while trying to sleep. And get ready to quit 5,000 times a day. If you can handle all of this, you will be able to make it through one tour."

You've been warned. Now, pack that knapsack accordingly for your first tour!