Sworn Enemy - 'Total World Domination' - Century Media
I think of hardcore and metal in a cage match and this album was the end result. It carries the old school hardcore resonance, and then out of nowhere comes in some double pedal bass drum. I'd suggest to fans of Earth Crisis and Hatebreed.
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Amorphis - 'Skyforger' - Nuclear Blast
Finland never ceases to amaze me and this week Amorphis is the reason why. Meshing the elements of progressive and death metal, and this european gypsy melody in the background is what makes 'Skyforger' stick out like a sore thumb.
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1349 - 'Revelations Of The Black Flame' - Candlelight
With a line up of corpse painted men and inverted crucifixes galore this is as black metal as it gets. The best thing about this new album is that with its gritty, vintage recording sound with specific tracks and the velocity of the drums in each track, this album is instantly a classic for every black metal fan's collection.

Madder Mortem - 'Eight Ways' - Peaceville
I have to say that out of this week's releases I was most surprised and very much excited about this one. As a woman in metal I'm all about the fast, the loud and the heavy. The newest from Madder Mortem uses progressive riffs, underlying folk melodies and old school Shirley Manson (yeah from Garbage) vocals to give this serene, gloomy and all around emotional sound wrapped up into one album. Progressive heads, this is all you. Ladies? I suggest buying this album as well.
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Is that all the industry has to offer on new releases this week? Heck no! Here's what's also available this week in stores and online:

Incubus - 'Monuments & Melodies' (2-CD) - Epic
Street Sweeper Social Club - 'Street Sweeper Social Club' - ILG
The Boy Will Drown - 'Fetish' - Earache
Spinal Tap - 'Back From The Dead' - The Label Industry
Cinderella - 'In Concert ' DVD - Cleopatra Studios

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