"Originally we were going to be going out [on tour] with Intronaut for the month of May," says Tombs' Mike Hill. "[B]ut they got sucked up into the Mastodon tour, so that headlining tour got canceled. And within a 24-hour period we were offered the Enslaved tour on the east coast, but Enslaved are going to do a support slot for Opeth on their next tour and are not going to be doing a headlining tour. So, after getting all of the information about routing and guarantees and itineraries-- 24-hours after receiving that information, the tour was canceled."

That was the state of things for Tombs when I spoke with Hill last month, when the band was fresh off a stint with Dysrhythmia. Turns out that cloud had a silver lining-- Tombs have been tapped to join Isis and Pelican on a trek across North America in May / June. "I would use the word 'stoked' to describe how excited we were when we were asked to join Isis on this upcoming tour," exclaims Hill. "On a personal level it's meaningful to me because I've been friends with those guys for over a decade at this point."

Tombs recently dropped their Relapse Records debut, 'Winter Hours,' which is streaming in its entirety here.