Free Extreme Metal Comp to be Handed Out at Maryland Deathfest
Maryland Deathfest performers Watain and Pentagram have contributed songs to a free digital extreme metal compilation that will be distributed at the event by Other artists on the collection are Revocation, the Crinn, Wormrot, Graves of Valor, Hail of Bullets, Nominon, Cardiac Arrest, Sectioned, Diabolic, Colonize the Rotting, Aldaaron, Sacrilegious Impalement, Vulvectomy and Othrus.
Black Tusk Check in From Tour With Weedeater
Savannah, Ga.'s Black Tusk are currently laying a hurtin' on their current tour with Weedeater. Drummer James May checked in from the road, offering his thoughts on why Georgia has exported some of the best up and coming metal over the past several years, with the likes of Mastodon, Zoroaster, Becoming the Archetype and Black Tusk spilling out of the state...

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