The legions marching to the beat / Of thumping bibles and receipts / Hooked up to a life-support system / That nourishes guilt and defeat

You might infer from the title of The_Network's new album, 'Bishop Kent Manning,' that the release is a concept album -- and your guess would be accurate. As with taking this line or even the entire set of lyrics from this song, bluntly titled 'You F-cking Fakes', you won't get the entire story, literally, unless you take the entire album's words into account.

The album's lyrics are based on a short story written by the_Network guitarist Kevin Howley. The story's titular protagonist is the stereotypical televangelist: slimy, money-hoarding and a wonderful actor. Howley's story begins with Manning in a hospital bed, recovering from a gunshot wound. His attacker was robbing the bank in which Manning was standing in line. The robber recognized the good bishop and shot him.

Oh, and incidentally, the attacker is now at Manning's bedside. So what happens next? You'd have to go to the_Network's official website to find out.