Brace for impact on Jan. 25. That's when the Human Abstract will let 'Digital Veil' loose on the world. It's the band's third album, and life with THA has often been quite a whirlwind, what with members coming and going -- and coming back.

Guitarist/songwriter A.J. Minette is back in the fold, so 'Digital Veil' has more in common with the band's debut, 'Nocturne,' than with its follow-up, 'Midheaven.' New vocalist Travis Richter, formerly of From First to Last and the Color of Violence, makes his debut as the band's frontman. Even with all that internal turmoil and a revolving-door membership, this Los Angeles-based band remains undaunted and undeterred.

"Travis? He's alright. Don't really care for him. Lucky he has that sweet nose, if not he'd be sent back to Georgia! Ha, just joshing you people," bassist Henry Selva told Noisecreep when asked about the band's new throat. "Truthfully, I am really stoked to have him on the team. Not only do I love what he brings to the table vocally, but the most important thing that stands out about Travis is his personality. At the end of the night, if I can grab a brew, talk s--- and chill with my singer, that's all that matters. Plain and simple, Travis is a bro. I can't wait to see what he brings to our live performance."

The return of Minette, who left the band because he was sort of "over" playing heavy music, is also viewed as a blessing for the Human Abstract. "I clearly remember having a one-on-one conversation with [drummer] Brett [Powell] a year ago, about the 'what ifs' and the 'maybes' on A.J. working with the band again. Now look at us. A year has passed and now we have this amazing album and line up to move forward with.

"The best thing about having A.J. back, for me, is that I will get a chance to share the stage with an old friend again. I have learned more about music from A.J. this last year then I think I ever have in my career. The Human Abstract lacked discipline after his departure and with him back in the picture, we now have more discipline and direction than ever before."

The tumult of changing members as often as underwear should have crippled the Human Abstract, but miraculously it hasn't. Selva acknowledged that his post as bassist was most affected by the replacements. "Unlike other bands where you hear members talk about how they grew up playing music together, the Human Abstract was sort of a different deal," he said. "I can't really say much more than this band finally feels like a family. We never had that luxury before. I remember a fan once said that we looked like five different -- six now -- musicians on stage that happened to get together for a night.

"In this business, it's important that everyone you work with is on the same page. It's important that you get along with every single member or it's not going to work. After all, you are going to live with these dudes for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course I can't speak for the future, but take it from someone who has been in the band twice: I feel that we finally have something special going on here."

Selva said he is "like an addict itching for his next fix" in regards to touring. He also shouted out fans, admitting that "this last year has given me the opportunity to not only talk to a lot of our followers, but understand and appreciate the loyalty that our fans have. So I would like to take a second and thank all our amazing fans around the world for sticking by us through our ups and downs. We will be in a city near you real soon. Adios!"