On Nov. 20, progressive metallers the Human Abstract revealed they've parted ways with singer Nathan Ellis. But was Ellis booted or did he leave on his own?

According to the band's statement, which they issued through their MySpace page, "The Human Abstract will no longer be working with Nathan Ells. We want to wish Nathan the very best in his future endeavors. With that being said, we are now looking for our new lead singer." Not even an hour later, Ells responded from his own MySpace page, saying that "the decision made by my band was not mutual, and I was fired."

So, who's telling the truth here? Not that the band tried to pull a fast one on us. The band statement just explained that they're no longer working with Ellis. Only time will tell what happened here, because the truth will come out. But it does look like Ellis was canned.

Filling Ellis' shoes will be former guitarist A.J. Minette, the band's original guitarist and the producer of the band's forthcoming LP. Whether these two incidents are related, we don't know yet. But the Human Abstract says they're "tremendously excited to be working together again."

Presumably, the band is now working on material for the follow-up to 2008's 'Midheaven.'