This past spring and early summer, the Chariot toured European countries on their Tours and Rumors of Tours Tour (say that three times fast) with Iwrestledabearonce. The Georgia experimental metal band have gone overseas many times before, and one particular time there was an interesting situation on a stop in England on the way back stateside.

"Because we didn't have the address number of where we were staying, [airport security] brought us through customs," bassist Jon 'KC Wolf' Kindler told Noisecreep. "And literally the people we were staying with were on the other side of the wall."

"We were staying in England for like one day, just to fly back to the States," vocalist Josh Scogin explained. "We met [the show promoters], they booked a show for us, but we don't 'know them' know them. So [security] didn't believe us but we were just like, 'Well, what's the worst you're gonna do, send us home? That's where we want to go!'" Things were eventually smoothed over with the security agents and the show promoters, and the Chariot returned safely home to do things like light off fireworks in their van.

Another interesting incident occured when on a European tour with British metalcore band Architects. "They went to this sushi place, which was hilarious to us because we were supposed to go with them," Scogin recounted. "And they had 'elements coming out of both ends.' We'll just say that -- and at the same time. And when you're at most venues that's a very, very bad thing. Bad combination.

"I personally have never been sick."