The Chariot will pole vault their way onto holiday wish lists. The band will release their noise-soaked new album, 'Long Live,' on Nov. 23 via new label Good Fight Music after a long relationship with Solid State Records. It's a time of change for the Georgia band, but they aren't running from it. They're embracing it, which is a courageous move.

"Well, being on a new label for us is very exciting; very new, very fresh," vocalist Josh Scogin -- who sang for Norma Jean when that band was known as Luti-Kriss -- told Noisecreep. "So far, the relationship has been quite a pleasant one. We seem to be very much on the same page, and I am stoked to see what shakes loose."

'Long Live' was born of an incredibly fluid process and attitude, according to Scogin. He also offered Noisecreep some teaser info about the record, which boasts a song that the band recorded live -- in one take. "This is nothing new to us, except in this instance we happen to record it on actually the first take, which is really exciting for us.

"This entire album has a very natural feel to it," Scogin said. "We never tried to force anything, just let it take place very spontaneously. On one song in particular, a friend of ours that goes by the name 'Listener' performed his poetry in the middle. It was a very casual and low-key sort of vibe [for] the entire process."

While the vibe may have been casual, the result will be nothing short of the chaotic, distortion drenched metal that the Chariot are known for doling out.