With the revolving-door membership in Douglasville, Ga.'s the Chariot, it makes sense that comeuppance would find founding member and vocalist Josh Scogin -- even if he was replaced for one night. At the avant-garde metalcore band's tour stop with the Cancer Bats in Pittsburgh, local fan John Bice found himself holding the mic for their set.

Scogin was not at the venue, as he flew back home to be with his wife for the birth of their second child. "Talking further into this subject, [drummer David Kennedy] said just take the microphone and sing it with us," Bice told Noisecreep. "So I basically sang all the songs but three out of their 11-song set. It was truly a blessing to behold, screaming alongside with some of my favorite musicians and good friends. Being able to sing the songs I've grown to love and truly enjoy was awesome. Heck, I'm no Josh Scogin, but doing what he does was amazing."

The show took place at the Altar Bar, an old church converted into a concert venue and club. The Chariot played their set on the floor. Bice mentioned that the excitement and rowdiness of the crowd bled into the band members themselves, knocking them around and causing a general punk rock ruckus that the Chariot are known for.

"After the show everyone was sweaty [and] giving hugs," Bice said, "but I felt truly blessed to have been giving such an opportunity."

The Chariot released their fourth album, 'Long Live,' in November, and have an Australian tour planned in April.