Black Dahlia Murder

Starting in late February, Michigan-based heavy metal outfit the Black Dahlia Murder will be hitting the road for an extensive U.S. tour through the end of March. The tour is to support the release of 'Deflorate,' which is out on Metal Blade Records. Opening for the band will be Hatesphere, Obscura and Augury.

Tour dates have been posted along with a statement from Hatesphere's guitarist, Peter Hansen. After seven years, this is the band's first time touring America, and they are looking forward to playing for their U.S. fans. "Unfortunately, we [had] to cancel the European tour with Hypocrisy due to our change of drummer and personal reasons," Hansen noted. Hatesphere report that they've known their new drummer for several years and feel it's a fitting new line-up. On top of it all, the band has also taken on Dream Fire Agency to represent them, so they are planning to conquer the world with their new management.

The Black Dahlia Murder's tour should be full of the energy and humor that have given their live sets a reputation for being memorable. The madness begins on Feb. 24 and covers a heavy amount of ground around the States.

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