German tech-death overlords Obscura are back with A Valediction, the first album in a new conceptual trilogy, and they've debuted a music video for the fierce new song, "Solaris."

As the band prepares on this new creative journey, they're doing so with a completely revamped lineup after releasing Diluvium in 2018, having brought back guitarist Christian Münzner and fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling, both of whom played on 2009's Cosmogenesis and 2011's Omnivium.

Drummer David Diepold, who joined Obscura in 2020 in tandem with Münzner and Thesseling, is the only newcomer.

"Solaris" bears the familiar hallmarks of Obscura's tech-obsessed style, which has always been played with a remarkable sense of finesse with an overall focus on melody running throughout the track's chaos.

Guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer commented, "'Solaris' turned out to become one of the band’s shortest and utmost direct compositions featuring all trademarks lots of attitudes and a melodic approach. Flattering guitar work pushing drums and swinging bass lines combined with a relentless vocal performance and ultrasonic leads became easily a highlight of A Valediction.

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Watch the video for "Solaris" below and view the album art and track listing for A Valediction further down the page. Look for the record to drop on Nov. 19 on Nuclear Blast and pre-order your copy here.

Obscura, "Solaris"

Obscura, A Valediction Album Art + Track Listing

Obscura, 'A Valediction'
Nuclear Blast

01. "Forsaken"
02. "Solaris"
03. "A Valediction"
04. "When Stars Collide" (feat. Björn 'Speed' Strid)
05. "In Unity"
06. "Devoured Usurper"
07. "The Beyond"
08. "Orbital Elements II"
09. "The Neuromancer"
10. "In Adversity"
11. "Heritage"

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