German technical death metal masters Obscura have emerged with a new song and music video. The clip is for the title track of their upcoming fourth studio album, Akróasis.

"Akróasis" is completely shred-tastic. Even with only one member, frontman Steffen Kummerer, remaining since Obscura's last album, Omnivium, the band's sound is tighter than ever. Omnivium explored a side of Obscura that focused heavier on atmospheric elements, and you can hear through "Akróasis" that the nuances have expanded again.

"Akróasis" manages to sound almost peaceful during different sections, even when an unwavering blast beat is placed underneath Obscura's duel guitar approach.

"With Akróasis, we produced our grand opus featuring eight songs of fluent arrangements, odd time signatures never heard before in metal, and the most high-end production in the history of the band," Steffen Kummerer says of the new album. "Without question, Akróasis is the heaviest, most complex record we have made to date. We cannot wait to perform live again and bring this excellent music to stages around the globe."

Obscura's Akróasis will hit shelves on Feb. 5, 2016. Check out the album's title track in the clip above!

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