10 Years vocalist Jesse Hasek and bassist Lewis Cosby are good ol' boys -- Southern gentlemen with a hankering for a good practical joke. When the duo stopped by our studios for a ''Creep Show' episode while on tour with Sevendust, they were more than willing to discuss the virtues of the South, particularly of their native Tennessee. These upstanding young gents also talked about pre-band life as ice cream scoopers.

Given that this is 10 Years' second tour in a row with Sevendust, following up this summer's Carnival of Madness trek, Cosby also talked about his ability to throw down with Sevendust's Vinnie Hornsby and how his ability to pound beverages and engage in a little mischief has earned the nickname "Mini Vinnie." Hasek even went as far as to speculate about whether Cosby and Hornsby are truly one and the same.


Other assorted topics of conversation included the fear of needles, the devil's condiment -- that would be mayonnaise -- and the consequences that come from stealing your bandmates' remote control. Let's just say that mayo has quite the negative effect on one's facial pores.

10 Years' latest album, 'Feeding the Wolves,' is in stores now. The band will also be making an appearance on one of Shinedown's upcoming 'Anything and Everything' acoustic tour dates.