Earlier this week, it was announced that Century Media had signed U.K. progressive metallers TesseracT. Formed in 2003 as a solo writing project in the mind of guitarist Acle Kahney, the band has gone on to become one of the most respected and talked about bands in the metal world. Though the quintet haven't had the luxury of a publicist or proper marketing team behind them, their inventive songwriting, tech-heavy arrangements and explosive live shows have helped TesseracT garner the kind of praise usually reserved for headliners.

With the news of the Century Media signing still hot off the presses, Noisecreep spoke with TesseracT vocalist Dan Thompkins and got his thoughts on the band's new record deal.

How tough is it knowing that the band will now be your full-time profession? There has to be an element of fear attached to that.

When you've worked towards and put all your efforts into a goal like this for years, it's not tough -- it's a relief. It's an exciting time for me and all of TesseracT. Everyone in the band has made sacrifices in one way or another. The only fear now is knowing that the financial stability I once had is no longer there. We all know that entering full-time into the music industry isn't the most secure occupation out there. Regardless, it's the most liberating decision I've ever made.

Has your family been supportive? Do they even understand the kind of music you guys play?

If it wasn't for the constant love and support from my wife, parents and friends, I wouldn't be doing this interview now. My family loves the music, while they may not understand the technical aspect to it, they appreciate the TesseracT sound and are proud of what we've achieved so far.

How long had TesseracT been talking with Century Media before the deal was actually signed?

We've been talking to the guys at CM for a while now -- since November of last year I believe. These things take time. It was a long process, but it was important to the band and the label that both parties were happy with the contract.