Taking Dawn

Chris Babbitt is frontman of the new band Taking Dawn. His band is out on the road right now and somehow he found time to pen a humorous blog for Metal Hammer. Titled 'Airbourne, Girls, Hangover, Getting Locked Out and the Whore's A--hole,'' Babbitt gives his readers a little taste of real life on the road.

Perhaps most poignant is when Babbitt recounts his recent late-night laundry mishap. "I found myself abandoned by band and van and left to the ill-wired whims of a busted-ass washer/dryer at the venue," Babbit wrote. "Laundry is as a rare a commodity as safe sex on the road, so every opportunity is obscenely indulged (so much so, that I opted to walk the mile and a half to our motel, than dare another day in the same underwear ... because there's nothing safe or sexy about used underwear ... well, I suppose that depends on how they were used ... and by whom ... ew?)."

He continued, "Well, the venue locked me out after they swore I had till 1:30 AM to get my s--- (never trust venue security, they're full of s---! I know because I did it for four years at the Hard Rock in Vegas). So, I'm stranded outside, yet all the rap, rap, rapping and tap, tap, tapping got me no-no-nowhere with the locked-ass venue, and I was about as morose as a Poe poem while I piddled about the entrance with no recourse but loud obscenities hoarsely hollered at an all-too empty edifice. Then, lo and behold, who should round the bend but my saviour, Streety (bass-basher for Airbourne and artist extraordinaire)! And what's that he's got in his hands but a big black sack bearing a striking resemblance to the bag I'd left atop that damned dryer."

Good stuff, eh? Be sure to head over to Metal Hammer to read the full blog.

Taking Dawn are opening for Kiss in Europe through May 23 and will play Rocklahoma Memorial Day weekend. Their debut 'Time to Burn' is available now via Roadrunner.

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