Although their sound has been tagged as echoing fellow Australian band AC/DC, Airbourne's make no excuses approach is best displayed with their new lyric video for 'No One Fits.' The catchy track, which can either be seen as a romantic rock song or a ribald ditty, is played throughout an empty bar as its lyrics are emblazoned on various alcoholic themed items.

The chorus may have a sweet sentiment, but when frontman Joel O' Keeffe opens the song with "You caught me my eye in that leather and lace" as the words are stitched into a woman's red undergarments, the message is pretty clear. Airbourne are dedicating this rocker to a hot lady that is the perfect fit to their hormonal desires.

As the succeeding lyrics are then posted on a whisky bottle, several coasters, beer openers, and a condom wrapper, viewers are treated to clues of a memorable one night stand. The video doesn't verge into explicit territory, as the clip's goal is to conjure up our own favorite bar memories.

'No One Fits' is the latest single off Airbourne's new album 'Black Dog Barking,' which was released back in May and is their follow up to their second studio effort, the 2010 release 'No Guts. No Glory.' Brian Howes, whose production work includes records with Daughtry and Puddle of Mudd, produced the album.

In an interview with, the band admitted they may have rushed the 'No Guts. No Glory' recording process due to back to back world tours. The group had a more determined creative path with their new album.

"We weren't going to let rock 'n' roll die though," said Airbourne. "That's what 'Black Dog Barking' is about. It's a call-to-arms. If you're with us, you're on our side. If you're not, we're coming for you."