System of a DownFormer System of a Down vocalist and notable solo artist in his own right Serj Tankian literally forged the path to his musical career by laying the foundation in a smart way. "I can tell you that I've had a very unique musical career," Tankian told Noisecreep. "Unlike most, I did not really dive into music till after university. Once I was firm on my path with music, I created all of the avenues that took me to this great city of my musical career.

"I owned and operated a software firm years ago that specialized in vertical industry programs for jewelers. It was quite successful but did not provide the inertia or love I needed that I got from music. So I sold it after five years and focused even more so on music."

As for the another "great city" of his musical career, Tankian, who is based in Los Angeles, isn't quite sure that his location overtly influences his solo music. "I'm sure it does, [but] I don't solely write music in L.A., though I usually use my studio there to arrange and develop most of my songs," Tankian said. "L.A. is a great workplace for me with ample musicians to work with, studios, film and video game companies to meet with for composing or song placement. However, it's not the most inspirational city to write music in for some of the same reasons above. LA lacks a true city's heart and soul that is required for innovation, in my opinion."

Tankian's 'Elect the Dead Symphony' is out now.

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