System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian, Strapping Young Lad mad scientist Devin Townsend and Emperor black metal despot Ihsahn -- now those are three names you don't see linked on a daily basis. The game-changing trio recently teamed up for 'We Are,' a benefit song for Revolution Harmony, and you can listen to their epic, sweeping, uncompromising metal track and watch the lyric video below.

Tankian and Ihsan sing, while Townsend drops guitar solos within the track. It's thoroughly metallic but also symphonic in scope, showing the influence of its participants. 'We Are' also features another special guest, as beguiling female vocalist Abbie Johnson lends her pipes midway into the song. 'We Are' will be available commercially on July 18.

Revolution Harmony, a non-profit record label, was devised by Ray Holroyd, a British music lecturer and writer. Holroyd composed, arranged, programmed and produced 'We Are' in Vancouver. It was recorded in North America, England, Norway and New Zealand and then mixed in London and mastered in New York. So it truly is a international affair with some global flavor.

The Revolution Harmony label helps students sell their music and donates profits to charity. It acts as a two-way channel -- allowing artists to release music and earn money, and to cycle label funds back into the world via charity, restoring order and harmony among humans in one big loop. It's ambitious for sure.

It's also totally interconnected, as the lyrics of 'We Are' nod to the idea that musical harmony can inspire the same in society, as well. The song also provides harmony within differing metal genres, which aren't always on the same page, literally and figuratively. The song is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and in memory of Lucky Dube, who is viewed as the South African Bob Marley.

All proceeds will be donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

Watch the 'We Are' Lyric Video

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