For as much as Stone Sour hit the volume button and let loose with feelings of anger, the band also goes for the heart strings at times. 'Hesitate' is one such song. Frontman Corey Taylor called it "one of the hardest to put together." From an ember of hope to the growing fire that ends a relationship, this stop-motion video captured the struggling tale of 'Hesitate,' and we at Noisecreep are proud to unveil this Paul Brown-directed clip.

In a video interview detailing each track on 'Audio Secrecy,' Taylor explained the work that went into recording the track. "I wrote that song about two years ago and it's a different kind of vibe for what people would normally know from me, but at the same time it's a fantastic tune."

Watch Stone Sour's 'Hesitate' Video


Revealing the song's source, he said, "It's a bittersweet song. It's about letting go of something that you want with all your heart that you know is just gonna do nothing but damage to you. And it takes a special kind of heart and a special kind of courage to do that. And not a lot of people have that kind of courage.

"They would rather sit in a relationship for years and wallow in it because they're afraid of being alone. And this is about having the courage to say, 'You know what, I'm getting away. I'm gonna be on my own, and I'm gonna be OK.' And those first few steps are the worst, but once you get each foot in front of the other, it's a lot easier."

'Audio Secrecy' is out now.