There is no doubt that the emotional journey that Stone Sour takes us on with their 'House of Gold & Bones' albums does have its darker moments, and the group is now giving us some visuals to aid one of their darker tracks on 'House of Gold & Bones, Part 2' -- 'The Uncanny Valley.'

With Corey Taylor belting such lyrics as "When does your karma start to disarm your explosive demeanor? / It's not a reason to seethe / I see you showing your teeth / These are the valleys of greed," there's little doubt that the track is coming from a pretty intense place. That overall effect is driven home with the visuals provided in 'The Uncanny Valley' lyric video, with the ominous cloudy skies opening up and raining fireballs of destruction on the ruins below.

We're also taken inside the mountainous terrain to see the depths of how far the rabbit hole truly goes as lyrics appear on the screen. Besieged by sorrow, regret, and pain, Taylor sings, "There's only so much love / But what does it matter / Everything is shattered." The full lyric video can be seen below.

'The Uncanny Valley' is featured on the 'House of Gold & Bones, Part 2' disc, the conclusion of the band's two-part concept album. Expect more visual representations to come in the form of the in-progress 'House of Gold & Bones' comic series and a proposed 'House of Gold & Bones' film. Copies of the comic are currently available via the Dark Horse Comics webstore.

Watch Stone Sour's 'The Uncanny Valley' Lyric Video