The Soulfly tribe, lead by ex-Sepultura mastermind Max Cavalera, offers some insight into its ninth album via the teaser trailer above, filmed while the band was in the studio. The footage is just under two minutes in length and was shot is in both black and white and color. It lets fans witness the process and inner workings of the band as they cut their new album.

Bassist (and former Static-X member) Tony Campos, looking increasingly metal with his supremely bushy beard and Gene Simmons t-shirt, offered up an anecdote about one of the tracks. He explains he was looking up information about someone who killed and ate a jail cell buddy, with the perpetrator admitting he did so since he thought the victim might taste good because he was a sweet guy. Ack! That's certainly an interesting way of looking at someone.

As for the album, it's the band's first volley for Nuclear Blast after a long history and eight albums on Roadrunner Records. The record is due out this fall and was produced by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Deftones). Date had only previously mixed Soulfly albums, so this album marks his first time manning the boards. Additionally, Max's son Zyon, 21, tracked the drums for the album! All in the Soulfly family, indeed.

In this trailer, you can hear some thrashing mad metal and some world music tones and beats, all of which are Soulfly signatures. The band's last album was 2012's 'Enslaved.'