In anticipation for the release of their ninth studio album 'Savages', Soulfly recently debuted a brand new single dubbed 'Master Of Savagery' at The Gauntlet (which can also be heard below). The song's take-no-prisoners riffage, screeching vocals and barreling drums show that Cavalera and company are back with a vengeance.

After forming Cavalera Conspiracy and the legendary Sepultura with his brother Igor, the frontman is obviously no stranger to keeping it in the family. With 'Savages', he's continued the tradition by inviting his son Zyon to lay down the drum tracks on the album. Zyon -- now a 21-year-old musician -- has made appearances in his father's music before. The first time was when Sepultura was recording 'Chaos A.D.,' and his recorded unborn heartbeat was used to introduce the album's first track, 'Refuse/Resist.'

For 'Savages', Cavalera reunited with famed producer Terry Date (Pantera, Soundgarden) to help create the album's blistering 10 tracks. The new album features guest appearances from Clutch frontman Neil Fallon, Napalm Death's Mitch Harris, Igor Cavalera and more.

'Savages' will be released in the US on October 1st, with the UK release happening shortly thereafter on October 4th.