Sonic Syndicate

Sometimes when a band changes vocalists, the results are rather impressive. (Think Van Halen, but with Sammy Hagar, not Gary Cherone!) Others are just dreadful. (Think Mötley Crüe with John Corabi. Or Van Halen ... with Gary Cherone.) It's often an adjustment that many bands struggle to adapt to, but Sweden's Sonic Syndicate are super excited about their new vocalist, Nathan Biggs, who steps in front of the mic stand, replacing Roland Johansson.

Guitarist Robin Sjunnesson told Noisecreep that "as long as we in Sonic Syndicate have fun together, it will remain Sonic Syndicate. Our music and sound doesn't have any borders, and we don't listen to what people say things like, 'You should sound like this or you should sound like that.' We just do whatever we're happy about and keep writing songs that we like."

The recruitment of Biggs has put Sjunnesson and Sonic Syndicate on top of the world, too. "With Nathan in our family, nothing can stop us. It's Sonic against the world. He brought us other five so much closer than before, and we're having the time of our lives now!" A new album -- and Biggs' first -- is expected in 2010, but fans' appetites will be whetted with a single in September, which is part of their six-song 'Rebellion' EP, which is due in November.

Sjunnesson said, "We're bigger, better and hotter than before. We will kick ass. We will rock it out and we will make the girls scream and shout! 2010 is the year of 'Rebellion.' It's Sonic Syndicate's year. Come and get some!"