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Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has been hit with a lawsuit by freelance photographer Freddy Hernandez.

Hernandez alleges that on July 7, 2012, he was taking pictures of Lee at a public beach in Palm Beach County, Fla. The lawsuit via Loudmouth claims that Lee "touched and/or struck" Hernandez without his permission, hitting his camera, and a result, Hernandez suffered injuries.

Attorney Robert Dixon of the Law Offices of Robert Dixon, a personal injury law firm, is representing the plaintiff.

A few weeks after the alleged altercation, Lee coincidentally posted a lengthy post on his Facebook page, venting his frustrations over photographers and fans who want to take photos with him.

"What I have a problem with is... taking pictures! I hate it! Irritates the fuck out of me when people say... 'You owe it to your fans, they put you where you are, etc. etc.!'" he wrote. "I certainly don't owe anybody anything!"


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