Silent Civilian

Silent Civilian, featuring Spineshank vocalist Jonny Santos, debuted their new song, 'Atonement' -- from the forthcoming 'Ghost Stories,' due out May 18 -- via Revolver's Web site.

Santos told Noisecreep, "Musically, this record is very different from the last, but evolution is the key to longevity in my eyes. I believe we made a record that will retain what is the main essence of Silent Civilian, but maturing greatly pushing forward."

Speaking specifically about 'Atonement,' Santos said the song is "basically about being cast away by someone you respect, love and hold in high regard. Lost loyalty, yet still holding on to what was once true. I was lyrically inspired by someone whom I loved and adored, but whom was too swayed by the next door neighbor's lawn instead of watering their own.

"People need to think twice before making decisions they will regret for years to come. It's a combination of tragedy and violence. It differs from the rest of the album in the sense of being more of melodic, yet shows how the band has grown adhering to no boundaries."

'Atonement' appears on 'Ghost Stories,' which is their sophomore effort and follow-up to 2006's 'Rebirth of the Temple.' Santos reflected on the studio experience, saying, "Getting back into the studio was very exciting. I felt that the first record was a success and feel very fortunate to be able to do it again. It has been a few years of hard touring and after a much-needed vacation, the batteries are charged and we are back in full force. Tracking a record like this is not an easy task, and I will never get used to the endless hours of what goes into making one, but the magic that happens during the process is amazing."

Santos also said that he believes "that as much as you prepare for a record, a good 50 percent of what makes that record so special happens in the studio. Silent Civilian have finally come of age in my eyes, stepping out from behind the shadow of my other band, Spineshank. It is now perceived as its own entity by our fans and not seen as merely a 'side project.' The delay of this record was also due to my reunion with Spineshank. So needless to say, I have been super busy."

So check out 'Atonement,' which slashes and thrashes, with just the right amount of melody.

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