Silent Civilian

Los Angeles-based Silent Civilian are ready to roll out their sophomore effort, 'Ghost Stories,' on May 18, and we are proud to unveil the album's opener here exclusively on Noisecreep, because this one's got teeth. The band has taken steps away from the big stage/bright lights metal of the first album and assimilated a grittier approach of hooks and thrash. And nowhere is this more evident than in 'Let Us Prey.'

"When we wrote that song we wanted to show so many different sides to the band in one song," vocalist/guitarist Jonny Santos told Noisecreep. "We did blast beats on that song, which is something we've never done. We were really trying to experiment with different things. I just feel it takes you on a ride."

Listen to 'Let Us Prey'

'Ghost Stories' reaches out to capture what the band is like on stage, something Santos felt was missing on 'Rebirth of the Temple.' Many weren't expecting the band to go this way. "It's such a different evolution from the first record. I think what I learned from the first record was what not to do," Santos explained. "We wanted it to sound raw and dirty, like, 'Hey you f---ing are playing in my living room.'"

Beyond just the music, this album was a challenge for Santos, who also just reunited with his former industrial band Spineshank. "The first record was really political, and I tried to not go as political on this record but more on a sense of morality," he confessed. "I tried to challenge myself a little bit more lyrically."

Santos pointed out that 'Let Us Prey' is one of the more blatant songs on the album in terms of the social overtones mixing with a discussion on morality. "The message of the song is us as a society just being victims of our own bull s--- and preying on each other, and at the same time to start praying to somebody -- or something, because it's kind of like that old Bad Religion song, 'We're gonna die from our own ignorance.' It's kind of the same message."

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